Alyssa Schmid
Period 6
Battle of Savannah 

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When did the battle occur?

September 8, 1779-October 16, 1779

Where was the battle?

Savannah, Georgia

Where were the armies/navies from?

The British, fought the American and French troops.

Who were leaders of each side?

General Prevost led the British, while Major General Benjamin Lincoln led the Americans.

What happened/facts about the battle:

The British took control of Savannah in 1779. The Continental Army, with help from Valering D'estaing's French ships and soldiers attempted to retake the city. The French bombed Savannah, beginning a siege of the city. Then, on October 9, 1779, the Continental Army and French advanced into Savannah, however, they were halted by the British. The British proceeded to destroy the French and Colonial troops, until October 16, 1779, when the Continental Army surrendered. 1,033 American and French were killed, compared to 40 British soldiers.

What was the outcome?

The British won, and remained in control of Savannah.

What was the significance of the battle to the outcome of the war?

The colonists lost a city of economic importance, Savannah.